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Identity Issues &

Stressed Woman

When we struggle with our identity and self-esteem, we many times find ourselves caught between two worlds:


  1. The world in which we are concerned with what others expect us to be.

  2. The world in which we are concerned with what we ourselves authentically desire to be.

In a book entitled, “The Road to Character”, by David Brooks, the author describes this struggle:

“You are busy, but you have a vague anxiety that your life has not achieved its ultimate meaning and significance…You find
yourself doing things that other people approve of, whether these things are right for you or not…You do not have a strategy to build character, and without that, not only your inner life, but also your external life will eventually fall to pieces.”

If you find yourself immersed in a desire to truly understand and empower the person you are meant to embody, I can help.


Through a strength-based counseling perspective, you can embark on the journey to cultivating a clear identity that authentically reflects your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical self.

Make an appointment today.

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