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Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

When you look at your life and relationships, what do you see??

Are there patterns in your life that resemble your Mothers/ Fathers or Grandfathers/ Grandmothers?


Do you find yourself in a relationship that resembles the relationship patterns modeled by the couples you grew up watching?

You may not have considered that the unspoken rules you live by may be ones you learned from the experiences and messages
passed on to you either consciously or unconsciously from previous generations.


What are the impactful aspects of those messages and experiences in your present life? After you ponder all of these questions, allow yourself to consider a
larger question:


“If you hold onto the generational patterns that have been passed on to you, are they the ones that you want to define YOUR life and
are THEY the ones you will pass on to the next generation?”


If you want to explore the generational patterns that you have adopted as your own even when they do not work for you, call me
to discuss how to begin a new path to health and wholeness outside of the bondage of ineffective, toxic or meaningless patterns.

A more meaningful life awaits you. 

Call In Spirit and Truth Counseling today!

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